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Wood Soft Tiles


These tiles have a slope border when border and corner pieces are added to your order. Just click on the picture below to add them to your shopping cart.


Wood Soft tiles are a 2' x 2' tile

Borders are 2' long

Corners come in a pack of two pieces to make a finished corner look.



SoftTiles Wood Grain Foam Mat Border        Wood Soft Border Piece $ 3.50 Each

SoftTiles Wood Grain Foam Mats Corners      Wood Soft Corner Border pieces $ 12.50 Pair of two.

SoftTiles Borders Wood EndcapsNEW! Wood Soft "End Cap"- Use this piece if you're bordering around only one piece or the end of a single column of mats.


  • SoftTiles 2x2 Wood Pattern Foam Mat 5/8" Thick($ 10.50/Mat)
  • SoftTiles Wood Side Sloped Border $3.50/Piece (each Border piece is 2 feet long)
  • SoftTiles Wood Corner Sloped Border ($ 12.50/Corner pair-Each piece is 2 feet

Don't forget to add your borders and corners at the end of your order.

  • woodsoft-tile-borders-1389557977-png

    WoodSoft Tile Borders

  • woodsoft-corners-pieces-1389557866-png

    WoodSoft Corners Pieces